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Pelton Wylie + Fahrney Engineering, Inc. provides structural engineering services which include structural analysis, structural design and structural computer-aided drafting for projects in a wide variety of fields.


Residential refers to homes or apartments.

Custom Homes

Tract Homes

Remodels and Additions

Multi-Family Housing (Apartments or Multi-plex Housing)

Retirement Homes / Facilities

Swimming Pools


Healthcare refers to buildings that house providers of health care services

Medical Offices (Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, etc.)

OSHPD 3 type medical facilities

Small OSHPD Remodels and Additions

OSHPD equipment anchorage at medical facilities


Commercial refers to buildings that house businesses.

Office Buildings (shell and owner occupied)



Banks, Churches, Motels / Hotels, Restaurants

Tenant Improvements

Façade Improvements

Remodels and Additions

Commercial Swimming Pools


Education refers to buildings that house classrooms and educational support services.

DSA Governed Public School Buildings (Classrooms, Multi-Purpose Buildings, Administration Buildings, Libraries, Gymnasiums, Portable Classroom Building Foundations, etc.)

Private School Buildings

Remodels and Additions

Structural Modernizations

Site Structures


Retail refers to commercial buildings that house retail sales.

Shopping Centers

Grocery Stores

Individual Retail Stores

Big Box Stores

Car Dealerships Including Maintenance Facilities

Tenant Improvements

Façade Improvements

Remodels and Additions

Industrial / Manufacturing / Warehouses

Industrial / Manufacturing / Warehouses refers to buildings that house businesses that manufacture, process and package goods and / or provide a place to store these goods.

Processing Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities

Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Tank Foundations and Anchorage

Equipment Support Structures

Remodels and Additions


Municipalities refers to buildings that house services that are provided by governmental agencies.

General Administration Services


Golf Course Clubhouses

Maintenance Facilities

Pumphouse Buildings or Other Support Buildings


Miscellaneous refers to buildings or structures that do not readily fall neatly into any of the other categories.

Pre-engineered / Pre-manufactured Metal Building Foundations, Mezzanines and Exterior Wall Designs

Retaining Walls

Miscellaneous Structures for Civil Engineers

Small Bridges


(Residential and Commercial)

Seismic Evaluations

Seismic Upgrades

Roof and Floor Evaluations

Roof and Floor Upgrades

Fire Damage Repair

Accident Damage Repair

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